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Core Values


Craftsmanship + Service

We provide all of our clients quality work, quality products, and a quality experience. We expect quality work out of our trade partners, quality craftsmanship out of our vendors, and quality service from ourselves. Quality means time to hone our skills, stay up to date on the latest products and trends, and spending time creating a quality life, so that we can give the most to our clients.


Integrity + Trust

Not to sound cliché, but honesty is our policy. In today’s world, it’s hard to fool anyone. It might be hard to hear an honest opinion, a setback regarding a delay, or that an honest mistake was made. But hey, we are human and it happens. We pride ourselves on integrity of service and integrity of design. You can always trust us to have you and your family’s best interest in mind.


Open Minded + Unique

Each space we design has YOU in mind. We honor how you and your family function, how you live, and how you want to convey your space. Your home should reflect your unique personality, style, and culture. Our goal is to create a distinctive space that exudes your individuality and functions well for you and your family. And, since no two families are alike, all of our designs are one of a kind.


Mind + Body + Environment

Every space we design has the occupants and the environment in mind. As much as possible, we choose vendors that share our values of wellness, sustainability, and social responsibility. We choose products to minimize toxin exposure in and out of the home in order to mitigate long term health and environmental issues for not only the inhabitants, but also those who work in the manufacturing facilities, and live in the neighboring towns.